September 8, 2015
| Published in News

How will the Purple Line affect me and my neighborhood?

I heard the Purple Line is Approved. Is that True?
It’s approved and moving forward!  Construction could begin as early as the late part of 2016 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

What is the Purple Line?
It is a 16 mile east-west light rail train, that connects people to the Metro Red, Green and Orange Lines, in addition to Amtrak and Marc trains.

What will happen to the Trails?
The Capital Crescent Trail will be finished and paved and will offer 16 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails.  The trail will be built alongside the Purple Line, and will be a minimum of 12 feet wide. In certain areas where sufficient right of way is available, the trail will be 16 feet wide with an additional buffer between the rail and trail. Both the trail and the light rail will be elevated over Connecticut Avenue.  It will also have a direct connection with Rock Creek Trail and connect with the Metropolitan Branch Trail.  The Green Trail will be constructed which will connect the Metropolitan Branch Trail and the Capital Crescent Trail in downtown Silver Spring to the Sligo Creek Trail.

What makes it different and special to our property values and community?  
The Purple Line, will run suburb to suburb, and will largely operate at street level. “As a result, its ability to stitch communities together in a significant way is really quite different” according to Gerrit-Jan Knaap, executive director of the University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth. In Chevy Chase –  There is a proposed Town Center to be built at Connecticut and Manor Rd.  It will be a residential mixed use development with a half acre central park, 1.5 mm in commercial space, a new supermarket and will include new neighborhood shops and dining options in a walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment.

What does it mean for me if my property is located along the proposed development site?
The Constitution and federal and state laws require payment of just compensation or fair market value should private property be acquired, and that owners and tenants be treated in a fair and equitable manner. Owners and tenants may request relocation assistance and other benefits, if eligible.

How will the Purple Line affect my property value?
For most people in neighborhoods near or along the Purple Line, we believe the increased walkability to Metro stations/retail will increase your property value.  On the other hand, homes that back directly to the trail, or are just one or two houses away, will be adversely affected.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.