July 14, 2017
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July 2017 News

Best Washingtonian 2017

Dear Friends & Neighbors –

Beach season is underway, and whether you are traveling or just playing local tourist, we hope you’re all having some fun in the sun! Since those summer days can start to drag on at times (but really, does anyone know what day of the week it is…), here are some ideas for family-friendly activities right in our backyard!

And of course, you aren’t the only ones enjoying the weather. Check out these solar-powered properties in DC that sold in just a few days. If you’re feeling inspired, see what neighborhoods are ideal for your home to soak up some Vitamin C too!

Market Overview

The only thing more fickle than trying to pick this season’s swimsuit is the market. You can see listings go stale and bidding wars happen simultaneously, even in the same neighborhood. Because of this, sellers may be tempted to go on the market with an inflated list price and test their luck. However, this strategy can force a price reduction later on, which may raise red flags with potential buyers. Nowadays, more homeowners are deciding to become landlords, which can be surprisingly appealing for both sides. Even as the economy recovers, cities like ours are full of prospective renters, so you may have an easier time finding a tenant. Over time, those renters may even become your buyers, making the transaction much smoother for all.

But if you want to stick with a sale or purchase rather than get into renting, the DC area is the place to be. Compared to this time last year, the median sales price is up 2% across the Metropolitan area, with a high of a 13.9% increase in Alexandria. Closed sales are also up from last June by 3.4%, showing a 43.2% increase in Fairfax City. However, May 2017 was a record-setting month, and things are definitely ‘cool for the summer,’ with a decrease in contract activity overall. This all to say that there are annual, seasonal, and monthly factors; each home truly gets a unique treatment on the market!

Wydler Brothers Agents Honored in Best of Washingtonian!

We are incredibly excited to have so many members of our agent family honored in the Best of Washingtonian last month. We know this is a direct reflection of the trust and support we’ve received from our clients, fellow real estate professionals, and friends and families, so thank you all!

Top Producing Agents


New Leadership at Wydler Brothers

Wydler Brothers Real Estate is pleased to announce two internal advancements: Kathleen Wilks has been promoted to President/Chief Marketing Officer, and Rob Seaver has been promoted to Director of Innovation & Technology.
Kathleen WilksKathleen Wilks
Kathleen has been a fundamental piece of the company’s expansion since her arrival three years ago, putting her stamp on nearly every aspect of the brokerage and truly embodying the “team as family” model. Her unique outlook on marketing coupled with her natural leadership abilities will propel the Wydler Brothers’ brand to a new frontier.
Rob SeaverRob Seaver
Rob has now been with the Wydler Brothers Real Estate for four years. Rob has gone above and beyond providing Wydler Brothers Real Estate with his extensive graphic design work and thorough technological assistance and creativity. In this new role, he will continue to improve and streamline the company’s internal and external operations.

In The News

Capital Bikeshare users save an average of $631 per year on travel cost
Capital Bikeshare is booming, and has been for quite a few years now. In order to learn more about how and why D.C. residents, commuters, and other visitors use the ride share service, Motivate accessed data from customer surveys across the system.
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Floating the Future Concepts for the Georgetown Canal

Georgetown Heritage (GH), the National Park Service (NPS) and the architecture and design firm James Corner Field Operations are beginning the public solicitation phase of an effort to make a mile-long stretch of the C&O Canal in Georgetown more modern, engaging and accessible. Read more here.