November 20, 2017
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November Newsletter

Dear Friends & Neighbors –
Thanksgiving conjures up an image of the pilgrims’ autumn harvest, but did you know that a national day of thanks was initially proclaimed by George Washington? He wanted Americans to recognize and appreciate the “great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty” that was enjoyed after independence.

It is exactly those principles of Thanksgiving that motivate us to work alongside caring clients, top-notch vendors, and the passionate volunteers at A Wider Circle. With your help, we’ve donated 920 mattresses towards our 1000 Bed Challenge. This cause is near and dear to our hearts – we hope to continue being a resource for you and your loved ones and in turn serve the community!

Market Overview

Amidst the chilly weather, nothing quite warms our hearts like some positive real estate statistics! An UrbanTurf analysis has shown that million-dollar homes (which is a big chunk of the Metropolitan area market) are selling more readily than in previous years. Everyone is getting a slice of the (pumpkin) pie: ~30% more sales than last year for both attached and detached units!

But what about buyers? Don’t worry, the drop in temperature doesn’t mean you will get the cold shoulder. Homes on the market during the winter can be a source of attractive deals since there tends to be lower activity. Properties needing some maintenance might also have been overlooked in earlier months, so now’s your chance to snag a sale worthy of Black Friday.

Your best strategies are to be flexible and imaginative in your solutions. This NY Times article says it well: for buyers, have fingerspitzengefühl – the sensitivity to what the space could be. And for sellers, focus on creative marketing and spin those quirks into positives. We’re here to provide that guidance; just like cooking the turkey, it’s all about timing and preference!

Wydler Brothers is Growing!

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of our brokerage
 Mona Banes
As a native of Northern Virginia and an active member of the Town of Vienna community, Mona has extensive knowledge of local markets enabling her to give critical insight to clients. Mona has assisted numerous clients in real estate transactions including sight-unseen relocating clients, first time home buyers, and international Farsi-speaking clients. Prior to joining Wydler Brothers Real Estate, Mona spent 5 years sharpening her negotiation skills as a member of a team putting together complex deals for Accenture, an international consulting company. Mona graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Business Marketing. She currently lives in Vienna, VA with her husband.
Danielle Perl
Danielle has spent over a decade consulting with a public health focused not-for-profit D.C. firm where she honed communication, advocacy and analytical skills she brings to her job as an agent. Believing that both health and happiness start at home, Danielle loves helping her clients find a property that represents the right fit for them through a transparent process that maximizes collaboration & communication. Since arriving in Washington, Danielle has lived in a variety of neighborhoods including U Street, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, the West End, Georgetown and, currently, Wesley Heights providing her with a local’s perspective across the city and recent first-hand experience with the excitement and stress associated with buying or selling your home. When not helping clients buy or sell their homes, she can be found chasing her two kids around local playgrounds, walking her dog or enjoying a glass of wine with her husband.

In The News

Spending Thanksgiving in the Capital

Some fun activities whether you want to take the kids out for post-pumpkin pie calorie burning, or just capture the last views of fall foliage during the holiday weekend and beyond. Read more here.

D.C. to Baltimore in Minutes

Thinking about buying one of the vacant properties that Baltimore is selling for $1 (yes, you read that right), but want to remain close by your job and loved ones in Washington, D.C.? Never fear: the area is working on plans for a bullet train to get you from point A to point B in just 15 minutes!. Read more here.