Not just the story about two brothers...

It’s the story of a team made up of the best and brightest in the business. Seventy-five talented professionals who combine unbeatable local expertise with an unwavering commitment to helping you achieve your goals. Together we are Wydler Brothers Real Estate.

Our residential real estate brokerage specializes in fine homes and condominiums throughout the Washington, DC metro area.

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Make our numbers work for you.

While the real estate market has had its ups and downs, our team remains steadfastly focused on helping sellers sell their homes for more and helping buyers make intelligent purchasing decisions. This strategy has enabled us to thrive throughout the various stages of the downturn, and now, recovery.

Transactions closed
$ Million sales
  % Increase in year-over-year sales

2017 Stats

Our clients say it better than we ever could.

  • My wife and I knew we were going to purchase a house in VA or MD well in advance of our summer 2014 purchase. Claudia spent significant time through early 2013 up to the purchase in 2014 educating us on local areas and the market. She was extremely knowledge and accessible 7 days a week - day and night. We were living out of the country but the distance did not hinder Claudia's effectiveness. Both my wife and I had an excellent rapport with Claudia and would welcome working with her again.

    About Claudia Kern


    From the first day, Tyler's service was exceptional. He customer centric approach, coupled with his high degree of real estate knowledge, make him the perfect realtor for anyone who needs to buy and/or sell their home. Tyler simultaneously orchestrated the sale of my home and the purchase of a new one, with expert precision and little to no setbacks. His ability to rapidly resolve issues that were imposed on us by third parties, was key in successfully allowing us to close on time!

    About Tyler Beale


  • Jane is the ultimate professional. She was responsive, diligent, and detail oriented and made the process enjoyable. Jane was very patient with me, worked hard to find suitable properties, and skillfully managed the negotiations. I have used her twice, and will again should I ever move again. Terrific customer service!

    About Jane Phillips


    I could not recommend Greta more highly! I just closed today on a really lovely 2 Bedroom Coop, barely over a month after I started looking for a new home. My entire experience was perfectly painless, thanks to Greta's great combination of skills and experience. Part real estate guru, part project manager, and part psychiatrist, she helped me negotiate a successful contract, followed up regularly with the other agent and with my mortgage broker, and provided me with constant progress updates along the way to keep me from worrying about anything (a true feat).

    About Greta Kohlhagen


  • I can't thank John enough for his caring and helpful expertise in finding the perfect condo for me. As a first time condo buyer, John always showed patience and never pressured me to move forward with an offer when I wasn't ready. John's extensive insight into all of the real estate markets in VA, DC, and MD helped me see all of my potential options. Being an active duty member of the military, his vast knowledge of the VA Loan system made me feel like I was in the best hands possible for my situation.

    About John Breast


    Hans is everything you want in a realtor. Both knowledgeable and personable, he understands the local market as well as the broader scope of the real estate market and trends. Always a professional, he looks out for your best interests when either selling or buying your home. We had the wonderful opportunity to sell our million-dollar-plus suburban home with Hans, and we also recommended him to our friend who sold a cozy condo in the city with him. No matter the location or the price point, Hans gives every client the customized attention they need. We could not have had a better experience.

    About Hans Wydler


  • Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with on our recent home purchase. From the first meeting until the ink was dry on the closing documents, he walked beside us in each and every aspect of both our home purchase and home sale. He took the time to really understand our likes and dislikes, our must haves and our negotiables, and built a strategy around them. He was a rock solid negotiator and fought hard for our best interests on both the purchase and sale. I would recommend Steve and the entire Wydler Brother team to anyone about to embark on either a home purchase or home sale. Remember that this is a long journey, and you want a true partner on your side for the entire trip. You're going to spend a lot of time with your Realtor, so select one that is enjoyable to be around...Steve and his team fit this bill!

    About Steve Wydler


  • Agata Siegenthaler

    Realtor® - Licensed in DC

  • Alana Aschenbach

    Realtor® - Licensed in DC & MD

  • Allison Carle

    Associate Broker - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Amanda Provost

    Realtor - Licensed in DC

  • Andrea Roberts

    Director of Operations, Licensed in VA

  • Blake Hering

    Agent - Licensed in DC and MD

  • Brandy Schantz

    Realtor® - Licensed in VA & DC

  • Catherine Bise

    Realtor® - Licensed in DC & MD

  • Cathy Berry

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Cathy Johnson

    Realtor - Licensed in MD, DC & VA

  • Christina Miller

    Realtor® - Licensed in DC, MD & VA

  • Christy Bakaly

    Realtor® - Licensed in MD & DC

  • CJ Rader

    Realtor - Licensed in MD, DC & VA

  • Claudia Kern

    REALTOR® – Licensed in VA, DC & MD

  • Danielle Collins

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Danielle Perl

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD, VA & DC

  • Emily Oveissi

    Realtor®, Licensed in DC, MD & VA

  • Eric Brooks

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD, DC & VA

  • George Parr

    Realtor® - Licensed in DC

  • Gitika Kaul

    REALTOR - Licensed in DC, MD & VA

  • Greta Kohlhagen

    REALTOR® - Licensed in VA & DC

  • Hans Wydler


  • Hope Page

    Associate Broker - Licensed in DC & MD

  • Jan Brito

    Associate Broker in MD, Realtor - Licensed in DC & VA

  • Jane Phillips

    REALTOR® – Licensed in VA & DC

  • Jason Walder

    Realtor®, Licensed in VA & DC

  • Jeff Jacobs

    Realtor®, Licensed in VA

  • John Breast

    CAPT, USN (ret). REALTOR® - Licensed in DC, MD & VA

  • Kathryn Schwartz

    REALTOR® – Licensed in MD, DC & VA

  • Katie Amos

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Laura Quigley


  • Lauren Heyman

    REALTOR® - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Laurie Muir

    REALTOR® - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Lindsay Clark

    Realtor- Licensed in DC, MD & VA

  • MaryBeth Densford

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Mike Delp

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD

  • Molly Mullally

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Natalie Vaughan

    Realtor - Licensed in VA & DC

  • Nya Alemayhu

    Realtor - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Renee Ro

    Realtor - Licensed in VA, MD, and DC

  • Ria Dougherty

    Realtor® - Licensed in VA & DC

  • Sarah Aschenbach

    REALTOR - Licensed in MD & DC

  • Stacie Hennig Davis

    Realtor® - Licensed in VA & DC

  • Steve Schantz

    Realtor® - Licensed in VA, DC & MD

  • Steve Wydler


  • Theo Harding

    Realtor® - Licensed in MD, DC, & VA

  • Tyler Beale

    REALTOR® – Licensed in VA & DC

  • Will Miner

    Realtor® - Licensed in VA

  • Yasmin Meijer

    VICE PRESIDENT, SALES, Realtor® - Licensed in DC & MD

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