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Inside the Sell with the Wydler Brothers

Steve Wydler

Inside the Sell with the Wydler Brothers

Listen to Hans & Steve Wydler on Keyed In Real Estate Podcast by Max Rabin and Brent Jackson any where you listen to podcasts.

Who are the Wydler Brothers? Sure, they’re award-winning agents with an outstanding reputation, but they’re also just brothers...they take their role as trusted advisors seriously, but never themselves. Or at least, Hans doesn’t take Steve seriously, and Steve doesn’t take Hans seriously. We’re not taking either of them seriously today and welcome them for some seriously unserious real estate conversation.

The most important purchase or sale of a person’s life. Max Rabin and Brent Jackson take you inside real estate from the Nation's Capital. Each episode sheds light on the complexities of the sale, interviewing industry leaders and consumers alike to unlock the market in the District's first real estate podcast.

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Wydler Brothers have been selling residential real estate for over 20 years in the DC metro area. Along the way, they’ve achieved numerous awards and recognitions, including being recognized as “The Most Innovative Real Estate Agent in America” (Inman, 2014), written several articles for The Washington Post, authored a book, “Inside the Sell”, co-founded a real estate tech company which sold to Move, Inc. in 2013, and built Wydler Brothers into a highly respected boutique brokerage with 70 agents and employees which they sold to Compass in 2019. Currently, Wydler Brothers is among the top 3 teams in the DMV and was the #1 Compass Team in 2022.

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