Life Lessons from Hans' 35th Reunion

Hans Wydler

Life Lessons from Hans' 35th Reunion
Just returned from my 35th college reunion and our class broke pretty much every attendance record. I think coming out of COVID we all want to reconnect with each other. Along those lines, I thought I would share a few simple observations from the weekend:
  1. 35 years is not as long as I used to think. Looking forward 35 years seems like forever. Looking back 35 years... seems like yesterday. Sobering thought: if we had all bought a house in 1988 with a 30 year mortgage, it would have been paid off 5 years ago and the home value would have increased 289.3%. This means a $150,000 home (median price of a single family home in Washington, DC at the time) would be worth $584,000 today.

  2. Health is everything. We all know this, but take care of yourself...really. Same goes for your home. An ounce of preventive maintenance is a much wiser investment than waiting until something breaks and causes additional damage.

  3. Sometimes bad things happen. Over the years, we've all had twists and turns, and some of us have had more than our share. It is really moving to see how our community comes together for those in trouble, and it was an important reminder that we don't have to face these unfortunate events alone. Remember to rely on your friends, family and trusted professionals, and together, you can overcome most any challenge that comes your way.

  4. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Neither does your home.

  5. Be positive. A friend of mine, an avid athlete, has had a series of surgeries that has hampered many of his activities. Rather than bemoan his injuries, he said to me, "I like to think of my injuries as reminders of a life well lived".

  6. Gratitude. Catching up with so many old friends over the weekend is a gift, and so is working every day to help my neighbors, friends, and friends of friends find their place in the world. Thank you for the opportunity. I am eternally grateful.

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