The Power of Our Network

Steve Wydler

The Power of Our Network

Real estate is an interesting business in that it crosses over so many people, professions, trades, and services. After over 20 years of being real estate agents, we've realized that the quantity and quality of our networks is part of our "secret sauce". Every day, we access our networks to provide meaningful value to our clients.

One network we need to be successful working with is our colleagues. Our team has developed close relationships with the top agents in our area. As the saying goes, 20% of the agents sell 80% of the inventory. In our region, it feels more like 90/10 and we have intentionally and purposefully worked to create positive, reliable and mutually helpful relationships with every agent with whom we work. Our colleagues know that when they work with us we get the job done the right way, professionally and knowledgeably, and they welcome the opportunity to work with us again. These strong relationships consistently deliver results for our clients.

Another network that is invaluable to our clients is our network of valued contractors and service people. Our clients and friends are always asking us for recommendations for plumbers, electricians, general contractors, estate sales, attorneys, financial, wealth, planners ... the list goes on and on. Note that not all these recommendations are directly tied to real estate either. A big part of the value we provide is helping our clients integrate into the community, sometimes we give names of contacts at schools, doctors, hair salons, and even therapists.

Sometimes it’s fun to invent new networks too. About 10 years ago, Steve realized that he knew three or four other real estate agents across the country who also graduated from Dartmouth. He reached out to them and created a new network called Big Green Agents. We started advertising in the Dartmouth alumni magazine and today, Big Green Agents is now 30 people strong, connecting great agents all over the country with each other and new clients.

At the end of the day, successful networking is about trust and relationships. We don't take these things for granted and want you to know how grateful we are to have the support and trust of so many great people like you. We are here for you, always.

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Wydler Brothers have been selling residential real estate for over 20 years in the DC metro area. Along the way, they’ve achieved numerous awards and recognitions, including being recognized as “The Most Innovative Real Estate Agent in America” (Inman, 2014), written several articles for The Washington Post, authored a book, “Inside the Sell”, co-founded a real estate tech company which sold to Move, Inc. in 2013, and built Wydler Brothers into a highly respected boutique brokerage with 70 agents and employees which they sold to Compass in 2019. Currently, Wydler Brothers is among the top 3 teams in the DMV and was the #1 Compass Team in 2022.

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